Is this a food blog?

No, but it can be. While there are certain things I tend to write about, no topic is off limits.

Why ‘Bacon Makes It Better’?

Because it does.

If the distance between two towns on a map is three inches and the towns are actually 50 miles apart, what is the distance between two cities that are five inches apart on the same map?

This is a direct proportion. Set up two ratios: one with inches on the top and bottom, the other with miles on the top and bottom. Ensure that the corresponding values appear on top in both ratios. In the example below, you will see that the numerator of the first ratio, 3 inches, corresponds to the numerator of the second ratio, 50 miles:

3/5 = 50/x

Solve the proportion:

3/5 = 50/x

3x = 250

x = 83 1/3 The cities are 83 1/3 miles apart.

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