At Least We Have The Weather

It’s been said that an NFL general manager assess the progress of their team in four game increments; and being that the season spans 16 games this quarterly analysis seems a prudent one.

With Week 6 officially in the books, many conclusions can be drawn from what we’ve witnessed so far.

Attention Charger fans: You’re not going to like what I have to say.

I know, I know. I can still remember last year, how we were left for dead with four games to go, and how we won each of those ‘must win’ match-ups to close the distance with the then division-leading Denver Broncos. I remember the defacto playoff game against those same Broncos on the final day of the regular season that sent us to the playoffs and completed, for Denver, the worst collapse in NFL history.

If the Chargers did it once, they can definitely do it again, right?

I am a fan of historical handicapping, I do believe that lightning can strike the same place twice and I am certainly aware that history has a pesky way of repeating itself.

But that was before last night’s debacle on Monday Night Football.

We can crunch the numbers, pour over the injury reports and study the Caliente Line to try to wrap our minds around this, Charger fans. But we’ll leave that to the professionals.

Here at ‘Bacon Makes It Better’, we focus on the intangibles.

Credit the Denver Broncos. They showed heart, desire, determination, passion, effort and about fifty other similar descriptions that never make the box scores. In a contest between divisional rivals, the things that defy statistical measures often determine the winner.

San Diego played Denver in the same underachieving way that has typified their style of football this season. With their Super Bowl expectations quickly evaporating, the Chargers are demonstrating that when teams set goals before first establishing their intentions, the results are often mixed.

Professional sports franchises seem to find a way to inherit the personality of the city they are in. Pittsburgh has that Steel City, blue collar toughness thing. New York has that ‘If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere’ frenetic pressure and energy that threatens to consume you at any moment.

San Diego, well, at least we have the weather.



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2 responses to “At Least We Have The Weather

  1. Olympus Monz

    Interesting analysis on a very young season CHARGER FAN. Your defeatist attitude is not welcome in their locker room, I’m sure. In order to see the light(since the weather is good), you must remove your shades.

    Take a close look at denver’s up-coming games. Do you truly think those teams are going to lay down to a scantley laden tiger. NOPE!

    Keep your chin up, don’t break anything. The late fall and winter is coming. FIGHT…FIGHT…FIGHT.

    Under what circumstances do you EVER relinquish to the the BroncBlows. They will fail. Bank on it.

    If you ever, EVER, conscede the season after 6 games again, I will be forced to march over there and TALK TO YOU.

    Go Raidas’!

  2. Olympus Monz

    To the readers here at “bacon makes it better”, I would like to make a point as we enter into Week 13 of a very interesting NFL season:

    1. The editor here at “bacon makes it better” has made it clear that the weather here in Southern California is quite pleasent after a Week 6 loss to the Broncos. That being said, I would have to retort that the weather doesn’t seem that great here in Week 13. The beloved Chargers have games down the stretch vs. the Cowboys, Bengals, and Titans. These are three teams that may cause a miriad of problems for The Chargers; in order of schedule: pass rush, balanced attack+defense, destiny. The bread that sandwiches these 3 key match-ups are road games against a Cleveland team that has nothing to lose(accept another game) and a Washington team that seems to make games competitive despite their lackluster record.
    A 10-6 record seems to be on the horizon and that’s OK. It will most likely win the division and absolutley lock a wildcard. HOWEVER! Making the playoffs can’t be the ultimate goal of this Charger team. Let’s take a look at the most likely playoff match-up: SD Chargers vs. Den Broncos.
    You heard it here first. If Cincinnati doesn’t win their first round home game, the Chargers are going to New England, only with a win vs. the Broncblows! Good luck Charger Fan!

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